Unique Fibre Creations
All are lovingly hand-knit by Benitta Wilcox, Fibre Artist
Some are handspun & some are felted

Hand made, funky, fun and unique -
all words that apply to
Ben's Scarves

Ben's creations often combine many different types of fibre, a mixture of colours and texture
or an unusual twist on a common pattern.
You may even find a bit of glass or the occasional twig or stone somewhere in a design.

Check out our gallery page to see some wearable eye-candy.

See our wall art on the Wall Hangings page.

Our fibres page shows off some of the amazing and unusual
yarns and fibres that make it into Ben's creations.

This is just a taste of what Ben does best.
To find out more please feel free to drop in to her
downstairs studio in Erin (just call first) or watch the
shows page to see where she'll be next.

Thanks for visiting our website.

The folks at Ben's Scarves



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